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VIDEO – The value of mentors

VIDEO – Community service at Veterans Hospital

FIU, MWF Eldine & Elsa talk Ethics and Education

Interview with Caryn Larvernia on Citizen participation (Civic leadership)

Interview with Miami Gardens first Mayor and Founder

Leadership is not a martyrs concept

Shirley Gibson is the First Mayor of the City of Miami Gardens; the third largest city in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Mayor Gibson established the city of Miami gardens when now one else believed she could. The Mandela Washington Fellows in... Continue Reading →

How to strategically leverage your network…

The MWFs in FIU(Public Management track) had a great session on leveraging Networks this morning. Our facilitator was Dr. Nathan Hiller, Industrial & Organizational Psychologist and Academic Director for the FIU center for Leadership. Here are a few great takeaways... Continue Reading →

The Queens Birthday Party… Or was it?

This evening I was invited to the pleasure of the British Ambassador and his wife. I told everyone who cared to hear, that the Queen was kind enough to share her birthday party with me. This was also my pre-departure... Continue Reading →


I have been fortunate to have really great mentors. Most I did not seek out intentionally. Well, my dedication attracted them to me. As a feminist, I haven't failed to notice the many male figures in my life who have... Continue Reading →

At the heart of your character…

Leadership used to be about service to others. As a christian, I believe that Jesus set the example of true leadership. His model is still very much relevant today and yet a lot of our "leaders" today leave a lot... Continue Reading →

How well do you know Angola? And check out this interesting article from the experience of an expat. I rarely comment on other authors articles but I feel that in this case I should. Its easy to come to Angola and focus on everything that is... Continue Reading →


I am a mother, a loving one (I should think so). This morning before leaving for work, I held my daughter. I held her like I would never hold her again . I am blessed for that ,but, away in... Continue Reading →

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