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BBC World Service interview – Womens Day Speacial

  Angolan Ambassador of the Week Eldine Chilembo Glees was featured on the BBC World Service’s Business Matters program to commemorate International Women’s Day. As part of a female minority working in the shipping industry, she discussed her work to overcome gender... Continue Reading →

We can ALL be feminists…

My premise here is focused on the diversity that exist within the feminist realm. There is no one-size-fits-all version of feminists. There are no hard and fast rules for career driven women or men to follow in order to receive the "prestigious" title of feminist emeritus! There should be no self-righteous journey to achieving the ultimate feminism... I think you get my point.

How to influence positive change (as a African)

Do you feel like this topic has been overplayed? Because I do... Which is weird because why am I still writing? Why are you still reading? Still here? Okay, good. I'll tell you. I can speak about it because for... Continue Reading →

Policies not people run the world!

Policies can rule the world if we let them. To do that, you need to understand and use them for the purpose they are intended. Their importance lies behind the process of creation and adoption. The path of critical research and data analysis is one that allows for connection with the issues at the table.

Phenomenal African Woman #P.A.W Interview

Eldine Chilembo is a Maritime professional advocating for women employment and promotion in the transportation sector. She is a Mandela Washington Fellow, a flagship program of President Obama's Young African leaders Initiative. She is also a Global Youth Ambassador for... Continue Reading →


"Imagine you are a 19-year-old South African woman named Akhona Geveza, fresh out of maritime college, the first in your family to reach higher education, the household earner and hope. In 2010 you go to sea as an apprentice navigator... Continue Reading →

For Angola, maritime is the new gold!

With Angola working to diversify our economy beyond the overwhelming focus on oil, the maritime industry is certainly a great place to start. With 90 percent of world trade reaching us though ships, Angola is setting itself to become the... Continue Reading →

My YALI experience…

The Mandela Washington Fellowship experience has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to forge new goals and define new parameters. I came into this program focusing on the challenges we have in the maritime industry and more specifically, the opportunities available for my... Continue Reading →

Broken toes, wet shoes and a half marathon!

You never forget your first half marathon. In part it has a lot to do with the medal that you get at the end. That feeling of accomplishment, the recognition of awesomeness after having achieved something that is more than just a 5k or 10k. The sight of your friends cheering you at the finish lines.

The future of self-branding

The future of self-branding in my opinion really is an idea borrowed from history.  We are slowly learning not to reinvent the wheel in this day and age. It’s the modern day equivalent of sitting around the fire and listening... Continue Reading →

Day Nine

it has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to set new objectives, to forge new goals and to define new parameters. It has forced me out of my comfort zone and into a space I never knew was available to me. And so my journey of growth as a Young African Leader has begun…

How much do you really know about the Maritime Industry?

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