The Africa Unite Campaign came to be as a result of a group of eager Mandela Washington Fellows (2015) refusal to stay quiet while rights of other human beings were being violated. Thanks to Adewale‘s creative skills, we were able to discuss this poster into its existence :). Let me just say, Adewale is never short of inspiration, his work speaks for itself and is incredible. He has brought so much unity to our group and to lots of dreams to many children in Nigeria. I am especially excited about his commitment to the girl child! Please check out some of his work.

Most of the fellows changed their profile pictures to our poster for a week and longer, as we continued to show support for the victims in South Africa.

When I look at all the identical profile pictures in here, I can’t help but think of Africa Uniting. It might seem like a small gesture but in essence it shows the unity that Africa desperately needs in a time like this. To me this is a sign that we stand with every affected country. That no one is alone… and who better to show support than Africa’s future leaders! Just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to show some love.
‪#‎AfricaUnite‬ ‪#‎ViolenceIsNotTheAnswer‬

– Eldine Chilembo, MWF 2015

11168771_10203911450046956_5871747718818277097_nWe went on to launch the Speak-out Campaign. Another awesome idea by Adewale who by the way, is never short of ideas. I have to admit, he can be very persuasive (Thanks for that btw)!

On this page, I will feature the discussion by Stella Oloo from Ghana and mine of course.