One of my favorite writers gave an amazing TED talk a couple of years back on what it means to be a feminist and how we should all be involved. Not to try and plagiarize her brilliant work, especially since this is becoming a thing.

My premise here is focused on the diversity that exist within the feminist realm. There is no one-size-fits-all version of feminists. There are no hard and fast rules for career driven women or men to follow in order to receive the “prestigious” title of feminist emeritus! There should be no self-righteous journey to achieving the ultimate feminism… I think you get my point.

You can be an outspoken activist, advocating for more education opportunities for girls and still chose not to subscribe to gender neutral items for girls and boys. You can be career driven and still want a family. Michelle Obama, is a great example of an amazing mother and wife with an impressive list of professional achievements. We should also be willing to accept that feminism comes in colors and some colors are more privileged than others. We need to check that privilege every-time we transcend the various barriers that (unfortunately) divide us.

If you want to advocate for equity and equality then please go ahead, just try not to impose your tried and tested methods on others because turns out it might not work for them. We can all be feminist, really, we can. So why not put aside our differences (and judgments) and go forth and fight the good fight.