Do you feel like this topic has been overplayed? Because I do…

Which is weird because why am I still writing? Why are you still reading?

Still here? Okay, good. I’ll tell you. I can speak about it because for a change, I am African. For a change I am young and hold the future of this continent in my hands. For a change how about we start creating a better space for our future. One that is not marred by excuses of war, colonization or external influence.

So I will give you my unfiltered opinion and keep it as simple as possible,

  1. Understand your strengths and build on them, understand your weakness and build off them.
  2. Learn about the African economy. Wait, why? With so much out there to learn about you say? Learn about the trends, the impacts and the growth patterns of your economy. Do not leave that to external influences. Follow the money!
  3. Get angry.. Then channel that anger. Do something about it. For example, write an article no one will read 🙂
  4. Dream about progress.
  5. Forget overnight success. Its a myth. It never was.
  6. Work hard. Very hard. So hard you have no time to complain about how much work you have!

I think I have it all down to a recipe.