The MWFs in FIU(Public Management track) had a great session on leveraging Networks this morning. Our facilitator was Dr. Nathan Hiller, Industrial & Organizational Psychologist and Academic Director for the FIU center for Leadership. Here are a few great takeaways from this session;

The best leaders are those who are constantly getting better. Those willing to learn and share. The way to get power is by giving it away…We looked at networking from a whole new perspective. Have you been doing it wrong? Lets find out.

Why you need to leverage a better network?

– It enhances what you know

– Genarates a novel of ideas and creativity (access to diverse skills)

– Teaches good brokerage skills

– Access to private information though trust

How to leverage your existing networks strategically?FB_IMG_1435875266029

Dr, Hiller explains that if our networks are all part of the same group, all people who know each other, then there are not much of a benefit to us. We need to diversify our network circles. The key to a great network is not necessarily knowing a lot of people, but knowing people who can connect you to other people.

But that is not all. Some people do not want to give away their contacts and connections for fear of losing power. Trust is key.The only way to earn trust from your network circle is if you are willing to help others by FB_IMG_1435875270378connecting people with similar interests. If your intention with connecting with people is selfish, they will see though your disingenuous motives. Be sincere.

Networking does not happening only at an event. Networking is not about updating your LinkedIn profile. It really is about leveraging your network is the most strategic way possible. Its about creating professional and even personal relationships that you can relay on. It isnt about who you know but who the people you know, know.

And if asking someone in your network for help feels kind of selfish, then remember the bigger picture and follow my advice ;

Selfishly take, so that you can selflessly give

 -Eldine Chilembo, MWF2015

Watch “Elsa interviews Dr. Hiller on networking” on YouTube – Elsa interviews Dr. Hiller on networking: