I have been fortunate to have really great mentors. Most I did not seek out intentionally. Well, my dedication attracted them to me.

As a feminist, I haven’t failed to notice the many male figures in mimagesy life who have always been ready to give me a hand, to share whatever knowledge they had to contribute to my success. From my dear father to my teachers and my work mentors. I have to admit it took a while to recognize most of their influence in my professional and personal life but once seeds are sown, there are bound to grow.

The truth about mentorship is this; Often times we miss the cues. We have mentors all around us. Some stick around, others are just passing by. Most don’t even share more than just a word with us. Yet their ability to seek out our potential and the willingness to hold that mirror up for us can be enough. Never dismiss the encouragement of another. If they see your potential, you need to believe it even more.

And most importantly. Thank everyone who has mentored and coached you along the way. Prioritize building relationships with strong peers. Build your network of people who are supportive, smart and accessible.

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