As soon as we received the very much anticipated letter from our US ambassador, IREX said hello! We were invited to join more social media pages than I can keep track of. My favorite to date is our Facebook group. Its unfortunate that this is a closed group because its amazing to interact with so many great people under one roof.

One of the greatest example of our abilities to work together as a team was during the recent violent attacks against foreigners in South Africa. What stood out for me was most of the fellows ability to put aside their personal convictions and opinions and engage in open discussion.

The Mandela Washingon Fellowship for Young African Leaders, community page featured our first display of unity on their group wall:

2015 ‪#‎MandelaFellows‬ speak out against violence and xenophobia! We are proud to see the 2015 #MandelaFellows uniting positively around a cause even before they meet in person! Join them in condemning the xenophobic attacks in South Africa by saying that ‪#‎ViolenceIsNotTheAnswer‬! ‪#‎YALI2015‬ ‪#‎AfricaUnite‬

I was more than excited! We had joined hands together and done more than just put together a poster with lovely flags and stuff. To me, it was a clear indication that in spite of our many differences, we shared a common goal, and that very goal was going to lead us forward!

And we did not stop there. Thanks to one of our groups greatest facilitators, we launched a speak-out campaign! I have dedicated a different page towards this campaign. You can read more about it here.