During Orientation we were introduced a little to American culture. The idea was to help us get over the culture shock a lot easier. To most of my fellows, it proved enlightening (once we got over the shock, of course).

For example, its almost inconceivable in Angolan culture, that someone could address you without greeting first! To me, it reminded me of the many times I got into trouble for the very same reason. I have come a long way in that sense.

We spoke of the seriousness of the term harassment. I thought of the many individuals who have endured mental and psychological abuse in silence. You see, in Africa, harassment has been narrowed down in most cases to forms of physical abuse. Stalking isn’t a thing, neither is pursuing someone to the point of making them very uncomfortable.  I remember hoping that one day that too will change.

Looking forward to tasting different foods. Well, that is not entirely true. I am not a fan of a lot of American foods but I definitely cannot wait to pay a fair price for Sushi! Yes, that I cannot wait!